Client Overview :

INTUCEO – A team of problem solvers, engineers, and data scientists with a deep knowledge to apply analytics for solving complex businesses problems
“Launched in 2015, initial Intuceo product quickly earned the respect of Fortune 500 US companies.
Implementing over 100 pilots with fortune 1000 companies,”
They are in the USA market past 5 years and decided to take their business to need Organic SEO. We thank Intuceo for understanding the true power of NIDI Tech Solutions digital marketing Service.

Project Overview :

“Intuceo is the Data Analytics company needs to target traffic in the United States. The company’s primary customers are USA Location peoples,
Intuceo partnered with Nidi Tech Solutions, to increase its monthly sales and overall visibility through organic Traffic. After two months of NIDI Tech’s SEO Strategy, has helped to increase more traffic and visibility in USA.”

The Challenge :

– Intuceo had good Services and marketing Strategies, but they need to implement their Services to USA, it had some difficulties to make more reach,
– NidiTech Solution helps to make more traffic for their Website make in 2 months through Organic Reach.

The Solution :

  • We focused on Intuceo’s site make more efficient work with On-page SEO to get more traffic in UsA.
  • We work OFF page also to improve Intuceo’s Domain Authority range from 10 to 25 by our Efficient Link Building Strategy.
  • Nidi Tech was able to increase the client’s average total visits 172 per month in usa by Organic reach.
  • We provide more Leads to improve Business in Organic way.

The Result :

  • In the 12 months of SEO Works, Intuceo traffic range range accounted for high. which was 50% of all quote requests for that time period.
  • This means that high search range elevated their leads by double. 80% of those who converted were new users, indicating that Intuceo was able to capture a significant market in the USA.
  • In the period of 2020, Intuceo’s organic traffic increased compared to the year before, with their quote requests from organic search rising accordingly.

Conclusion :

Overall, Intuceo was successful in doubling their potential during the 2020, and improving their brand awareness and consideration for long-term results.