What is Cognitive Computing? How it to be used?

“A co-operative cognitive computing phase between humans and machines, one can call it as the co-computing generation or the cognitive computing generation!”

Industrial Revolutions of cognitive computing

Started with a whole generation dependent upon steam, which was then completely replaced by electricity which almost took a century to happen. Third revolution again took about a century to take place with the introduction of computers. But the fourth revolution was very quick, just took about half the time of the previous revolutions, and was based on the era of artificial intelligence. Now, the shift from 4.0 to 5.0 is even faster, like again less than half of the time taken by the previous revolution. In fact most of us don’t even realize when this revolution has started, top countries and tech giants are already planning and executing their strategy for this revolution.

Is it all about Cognitive Computing?

Yes, that’s what its all about ! It’s the phase of co-existence of humans and bots powered by AI, where they co-ordinate and work together in order to increase the productivity and efficiency ! It’s basically the idea of bringing the best of both the world’s together to complete a complex task. How would it be like? Just imagine, you just have to create the flow or set the rules for your solution once and then relax; after that all you have to do is supervise the flow and move on to the next big thing! People believe that the number of working days would reduce to almost 3 days a week, where the rest of the time you can concentrate on the society, social issues, family, talking to teenagers etc. These days are not too far, in fact if this pandemic didn’t occur, we would have already started to witness it. So don’t be surprised to see millions of products based on this 5.0 that are gonna come your way once this is all over !

The Myths of Cognitive Computing AI!

  1. Lack of fields or reaching saturation:

Will the boom in artificial intelligence for the past few years and the ones to come, be the last great tech?

Fields in Information Tech has always been just these three, the theoretical computer science, computer engineering and its applications. We basically define the rules and algorithms, define the lower limits and set the higher ones. Any current domain is basically 0s and 1s along with the rules and algorithms. Then comes the engineering part where the combination and integration of hardware and software used to take place. Now in this revolution it will be hardware+software+humans — hence called the “Co-bots”. And then comes the application part where new domains are introduced, combined, co-exists etc. Hence there won’t be any saturation of techs will take place, we will have millions of combinations coming up as per the solutions invented.

2. Lack of creativity or downfall of designers and the creative team

Many feel that when such bots are introduced in the production or development sectors, the design or the creativity part looses its importance as everything becomes raw and similar. But one thing everyone has to understand is here nothing happens without design , the human touch of creativity completes every great product, that is what every customer or user wants. Best example is the Apple WWDC 2020, or the cybertruck of Tesla, where heavy concentration is on the deign of the product more than anything!

But the only difference here would be the part that will be played by the AI, in suggesting or carrying out the design as the human designer sketches out. We have minimalist prototype examples for these in the form of figma, design plugin in VSC etc. Just imagine tony stark asking jarvis to color his suit and then it gives him suggestion and then completes the job, this is not too far !

3. Decentralization leads to instability

People usually get confused with this term, decentralization and associate only with blockchain. But decentralization is all about removing the monopoly and giving everyone an equal playground. Just like the way the AI learns to go beyond the obstacles and restrictions of network by repetitive learning and giving access , so will the same AI be used to repetitively used to improve the security, that’s how the stability is actually improved by decentralization. This in fact contradicts the ending of the silicon valley series, but this is the continuous learning will take place on either fronts !

4. Thrown out of jobs

This is something people have been raising up since the introduction of the computer or AI, that still continues- Will AI or bots take up everyone’s job? AI will definitely take up jobs but only that of the routine ones, which is very simple and has fixed rules to carry out. The objective of Industry 4.0 is to

interconnect machines, processes and systems for maximum performance optimization. Industry 5.0 takes such efficiency and productivity a step further. It’s about refining the collaborative interactions between humans and machines. Hence it will be more of collaboration rather than domination! Everything needs a human touch to it, that’s what everyone including the customers want. So what will drive this revolution is collaboration. Evolution of co-bots and AIH (Artificial Intelligence powered by humans) .

5. Cognitive Computing Domination ?

Industry 5.0 is aimed at supporting — not superseding — humans. This is something that I leave it up to you decide after reading what this revolution is all about and how it works ! It’s very simple, the AI that will be work along with humans in co-computing space is basically powered and controlled by humans only.

How to keep up the AI Trends?

We don’t need to put in too much effort to outsmart others or win over the AI, as we have already said its about improving the efficiency, hence we need to work smart here:

❏ Be creative and customer friendly!

❏ Sync b/w DESIGN and DEV !

❏ Able to find solution out of scratch!

❏ Adaptable to any platform !

❏ Automatic directive co-working capability !

What’s given importance here?







One needs to combine several already existing techs, derive new ones , advance parallely or keep synchronizing with other tech to create solutions for a better world, hence no single tech will dominate or have high scope in the coming years. It’s all about adapting, evolving and creating !

Where to work on AI ?

AI Trends in cognitive computing

❏ Automate every single flow ( Go server less, deploy chat bots, use step functions , schedule notifications etc)

❏ Work on a creating a personal reality to suit one’s wish to reach more audience.

❏ Make the sensors work and use them to the full potential to automate using IOT.

❏ Go with less code , more development strategy ! ( Using flutter to design all your websites, android/IOS apps and others using a single code base etc )

❏ Involve repetitive learning security mechanisms ! (Use of blockchain security process etc)

❏ Concentrate on management and analysis of data automatically to produce personalized solutions.

Some products/services that we provide in our company:


An advanced level of automating conversation with customers and carrying out the workflows by tapping the efficiency of both the worlds — AI and human. Chats and workflows that combine the efficiency of both the worlds to intelligently capture your customer’s insights and respond to them immediately.


Use voice/text based demand generation systems to understand the real intent of your customers and validate them automatically and enable the contact center agents to act swiftly with proper and personalized solutions.


Using the concept of “Refer and Earn” to generate leads and and carrying out the validation along with a rewards system and a proper customer wallet with integration of multiple businesses across a single app/web based framework.


Through MARKET TAP we try to provide a completely automated Marketing SaaS platform using the unlimited potentials of Artificial Intelligence to deliver a consistent and complete customer experience.


Utilizing the unmatchable domain of Artificial Intelligence to generate custom and personalized solutions for business problems after extracting the insights from the humongous data sets of the company. Basically our Products will learn and suggest what you want and you can focus on Business outcome.