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With business intelligence (BI) services such as advanced reporting, customer analytics, strategy optimization and forecasting, performance research and trends exploration, budget projection and financial planning, and much more, NidiTech Solutions BI Services can help your business capitalise on the power of data analytics and reach your strategic goals.

How Niditech Solutions BI Service helps your business?

Increased revenue
Competitive analysis
Make better decisions faster
Identifying market trends
Efficiency gains in operations
Share and Collaborate on BI
Why NidiTech Solutions BI Analysis and Consulting Services?

Our BI solutions are designed to assist our clients in gaining valuable insights from their business data, implementing innovative and difficulties, and accurately answering business questions. We use our expertise in data organisation, retrieval, analysis, and transformation to enable organisations get reports quickly and securely.Our cloud-based BI Solutions with professional team have a broad variety of analytical and reporting knowledge and capabilities to deliver a consolidated picture of key business indicators and empower our clients to make better decisions.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
BI Development and Implementation

Our BI developers are proficient in orchestrating various processes and fine-tuning specific BI tools to turn data into solid business gain for our clients. In terms of our business intelligence development and implementation services, we do the following: Our scalable solution provides easily deployable business intelligence platform for any business. We are implementing tools like Tableau, Pentaho, Google Data Studio, Apache Superset, Microsoft PowerBI, AWS QuickSight.

  • Data preparation

  • Business intelligence migration services

Niditech’s BI Reporting Dashboards -Web, Tablet, and Mobile

Through self-service reports, dashboards, and analysis, our scalable and economical BI solution enables business users to quickly obtain accurate answers to business problems. We provide consulting services as part of our solution design; you will have access to our top consultants on an as-needed basis, and you will only be charged on a use or project basis.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Niditech Solutions BI Solutions suitable for every industry

Our industry-leading high-impact BI dashboards, reports, and charts for your website or app, as well as third-party applications like Magento, Drupal, and WordPress, or any aspect of your organisation, such as sales, marketing, operations, HR, IT, and so on. We assist startups to large businesses, with dashboards and reports that make it easy to understand your business at a glance, with role-based access dashboards that give trusted, useful data to key decision makers – anytime, anywhere.

Our Technology Stack
  • Tableau

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Google Data Studio

  • Apache Superset

  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Service

  • Pentaho

  • Talent

  • Stitch

  • AWS Glue

  • Panoply

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Oracle BI

  • Snowflake

  • Custom Front-end Development

Our Clientile

30+ of the world’s most successful companies, big and small, trust NidiTech for their growth

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