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Mobile Facial Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Services

Are you bogged down by reams of attendance record, stacks of time and attendance (T&A) data and timesheet irregularities? An outdated attendance system would neither be employee-friendly nor give you insightful data on time. It’s time to overstep these limits and manage attendance the intelligent way. Deliver next-gen employee experience aligned to the changing needs of an organization.

Say hello to Nidi Tech Solution, the world of touchless and frictionless time management! This facial recognition technology is hassle-free, clever, and foolproof, since it eliminates the need for any clicks, logins, or ID cards. Any employee will be able to register their attendance in a matter of seconds. It brilliantly streamlines the employee experience while also solving the challenge of collecting and tallying attendance data, allowing the company to plug revenue losses.

Services Offering

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Prevents fraud attendance entries by ensuring that no one utilises an image or video to simulate attendance

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There will be no more coming to the office only to check your attendance. Directly from the field, manage your attendance schedule

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Field Sales Track & Tasks

Site Sense allows you to drill down to every single member of your field force's current location, as well as necessary details about their day's itinerary and accomplishments.

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Complete view of the user's travel locations and distance travelled, assisting them in approving and distributing expenditure understanding of the finances.

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It takes only 3 seconds for the payroll system to recognise your face and create a participation journal, saving valuable man-hours.

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Face detection accuracy of 99.8% is achieved when scanning numerous employees. Faces are appropriately enrolled into in the payroll system once they have been recognised.

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Cloud-Based Employee Management

Lifecycle cloud-powered solutions that help you manage your employees and their data smartly and securely

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AI Driven Facial Recognition

Identify your employees with Nidi Tech Solution, AI-driven facial recognition system. Approve entry to individuals after the system identifies the face from directories

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Saving time will lead to an increase in productivity, resulting in reduction of cost (optimal utilization of resources) and an increase in revenue

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Touchless Experience

A touchless biometric system designed to offer contactless sign-ins. Minimize the risk of contacting the Covid-19 virus at your workplace and beyond.

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The system ensures that there are no concerns regarding hygiene and cleanliness unlike biometric systems which has devices requiring physical contact

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Modern Attendance

AI-powered attendance tracking system to monitor and record the clock-in and clock-out time stamps of your employees

Touchless Employee Check-In With AI-Powered Technology – Nidi Tech Solutions!!!

The facial recognition system developed by Niditech is quite flexible. You can choose what you need for your organization.
  • Features: We offer all of these services, whether it’s just facial recognition for attendance, Field Sales Track & Tasks and Reports, or a mix of all of them.

  • Solutions: We provide solutions that work on cloud, local, edge through Tablets, hybrid, complete edge on device.

  • Capacity & performance: The system can identify 5,000 unique faces on the edge device.

  • If required, we can increase the capacity and performance to 50,000+ faces based on hardware.

  • Scanning distance: The reading distance between the face/body and the screen is configurable from 0.5ft to 1ft.

  • Multiple face scanning: The system has been built with a focus on multiple face reading. The capacity can be increased or decreased as per your need.

  • Multi-language capability: The system allows you to choose from a range of languages. We can customize it further.

  • Flexible screen sizes: Various display sizes and all touchscreen Mobile Phone.

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