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The method of shifting a company’s digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications into the cloud, either partially or completely, is known as cloud migration. From an on-premises system, you may migrate anything to the cloud, including apps, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, and even entire data centres. In some circumstances, cloud migration is as simple as lifting and shifting — on-premises apps can be moved to the cloud without having to be redesigned.

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Niditech’s 5 steps plan for effective cloud migration
  • Planned Strategy: Understand your organization’s adaptability to cloud services and the availability of applications that fit in the cloud.

  • Infra Audit: Assess the capabilities of your existing infrastructure in line with the industry’s best practices in terms of security, scalability, automation, disaster recovery, automation, recovering ability, etc.

  • Architect Design: Gather existing resources and manage requirements to create a supporting cloud architecture.

  • Automation: Automation with industry’s proven cloud technology solutions form an integral part of cloud migration.

  • Deployment and Testing: Deploy the new cloud environment, stage it and test it for its functionality, operational efficiency and scalability.

How Niditech Solutions - Cloud Factory Service helps you?
  • We are helping our clients with 100+ services across multi cloud Environment

  • 6 R’s Model Cloud Transformation Approach

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments

  • Cloud Native Architecture Recommendation

  • Focusing on Client Applications – Design, Performance, Security and Cost

  • Well architected framework implementation

  • Factory model approach to automate migrations

  • Multi-Cloud Management and Optimization

  • Vendor lock-in prevention

  • Managed Service Support offerings with committed SLAs

  • Well qualified, Experience and cloud certified consultants

Benefits of Cloud computing migration
  • Enhanced Key Metrics Logging

  • Investment Winning Services

  • Zeroing-Down Data Centres

  • Accelerated Deployment

  • Efficient Monitoring

  • Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud Consulting
Why NidiTech Solutions Consulting Services?
Cloud Consulting
Applications: Discovery, Assesments and Plan
Cloud ConsultingBased on above assessment services, we will recommend best cloud migration services from the list – “Remove, Retain, Replat form, Rehost, Repurchase, and Refactor”. Once its approved we will implement the actual plan

1. Rehosting Service - Lift and Shift
1A. Applications: Migration, Build & test and Production Deployement
Cloud Migration Server's number count
Application Type Simple (less than 5 servers, 1 to 5 Integration, 100 GB Storage. Medium (5 to 15 servers, 5 to 20 Integration Points,less than 500 GB Storage Complex (more than 15 servers,more than 20 integration points,more than 500 GB Storage).
Duration* 2** Days 7** Days 14** Days

** Data Transfer and speed of VPN or Direct Connect Network is need to be considered as part of migration.

1B. Database Migation Services – Lift and Shift
Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud migrations like Remove, Retain, Replat form, Repurchase, and Refactor will be based Clients environment Assessment, Migration plan and Cost upon approval from the client we will deliver our services, it’ll include complexity of the applications and infrastructure.
  • We are also supporting SaaS companies, Financial Intuitions and Healthcare companies.
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    30+ of the world’s most successful companies, big and small, trust NidiTech for their growth

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